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NEW Phone Number for GMF Union Office is 210.967.4729
Issa says news USPS delivery schedule can go ahead
Republicans: Postal Service has green light to end Saturday mail delivery
Union Wins Motor Vehicle Subcontracting Case -Case Has Important Implications for All Crafts
January USPS Financials: $437 Million Loss or $261 Million Profit? Take Your Pick
The new USPS fashion line: Slideshow presentation
View Hearing of 'Guffey Testifing Before Senate Committee'
MSNBC: Private Business Wields Congress in Attack on U.S. Postal Service
This Day in San Antonio's History

APWU Asks Union Members To Build Support for Postal Bills
The APWU President Cliff Guffey is calling on union members to ask their senators and representatives to co-sponsor a pair of postal reform bills that were introduced in the House and Senate on Feb. 13. The Senate bill (S. 316) was introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) with eight co-sponsors; the House bill (H.R. 630) was introduced by Rep. Pete DeFazio (D-OR). To learn more, Click Here. Click here to send a message.

Top News Stories

Rep. Lynch Introduces Postal Stabilization Act - Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) introduced the Postal Service Stabilization Act (H.R. 961) on March 5, a measure that would enhance the financial viability of the USPS. The bill would require the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to recalculate the Postal Service's pension liabilities to the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) using postal-specific salary and demographic assumptions. (3/11)


NAPS 2013 Legislative Agenda - The theme of this year is 2013 CONNECT WITH CONGRESS. The passage of postal reform legislation in 2013 is a "must" to assure the Postal Service remains solvent. (3/08)


OSHA Cites Maine, Michigan Facilities For Unsafe Working Conditions - The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a citation to the Postal Service for unsafe working conditions at its Scarborough ME facility and fined the agency $27,500 on Feb. 1. (3/08)


Union Wins Motor Vehicle Subcontracting Case -Case Has Important Implications for All Crafts - The APWU has won an important arbitration case on subcontracting in the Motor Vehicle Craft that has important implications for the entire APWU, Motor Vehicle Craft Director Bob Pritchard announced on March 5. (3/06)


House spending bill requires Saturday mail delivery - The new House GOP spending bill directs the U.S. Postal Service to deliver mail six days a week, against the wishes of the nation's postmaster general. A House Appropriations aide confirmed that the spending measure, which would fund the rest of fiscal 2013 and avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month, mandated that USPS continue six-day delivery. Congress has used the appropriations process to force USPS, which has lost billions of dollars in recent years, to continue Saturday delivery for roughly three decades. (3/04)


Ex-postal workers stole $3.5M in tax, benefit checks - Two former postal workers and an accomplice pleaded guilty in federal court this week to stealing more than $3.5 million in federal tax refund and government benefits checks from a mail distribution facility in Atlanta. (3/01)


January USPS Financials: $437 Million Loss or $261 Million Profit? Take Your Pick - If you put the RHBF payments and the incentive payments to the side, then, the bottom line looks a little different. It shows that the Postal Service would have actually made a profit of $261 million for January and $482 million for the year to date.


Would You Pay to Kiss Postal Mail Goodbye? -A new service called Outbox promises to come to your house, collect your physical mail, and scan it so you can read it online via computer, iPad or smartphone. Clever, but worth paying for? (3/01)
  Related      The Postal Service is bad, but Outbox is worse


PRC - Preliminary Financial Information (Unaudited), January, 2013 (2/27)


Senator aims to move quickly on postal reform - Sen. Tom Carper whose committee oversees the postal service wants to finish work by June on legislation to overhaul the service. (2/23)


New survey shows over 80 percent oppose ending Saturday delivery - Last week, the Postal Service released a survey it had commissioned with IPSOS, a Paris-based market-research company, showing that 80 percent of Americans supported the Postal Service's decision to end Saturday delivery. Save the Post Office conducted its own survey over the past week, and it shows something completely different: 84 percent were strongly opposed to moving to five-day delivery. (2/22)


Hitting the airwaves
Steve Hutkins, NYU professor and editor of Save the Post Office, was on BWGBH Boston Public Radio
Mark Jamison, retired USPS postmaster on Wisconsin Public Radio
Phil Rubio, history professor at NC A&T and author of There's Always Work at the Post Office, on National Public Radio.
Gray Brechin, UC-Berkeley geographer, New Deal historian, and author of Imperial San Francisco, was on WNUR This Is Hell


Emails deliver disturbing message about William St. post office - The U.S. Postal Service's William Street processing center appeared to survive yet another near-death experience Wednesday, but only after a frantic call from Sen. Charles E. Schumer to the postmaster general, who vowed to stick to his original promise of keeping the facility open until 2015 no matter what his underlings are saying. (2/22)


Cost-of-Living Raises Set for March - Career APWU members will receive a $207 annual increase in pay beginning next month. This raise is the result of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, which preserved cost-of-living adjustments. (2/21)


How the U.S. Postal Service legally justifies five-day mail delivery - The long-standing congressional ban on curtailing six-day delivery doesn't apply at present because the federal government is operating under a stopgap continuing resolution. And even if did apply, lawmakers don’t have to continue the ban when that resolution expires March 27, Postal Service lawyers write in the nine-page opinion. (2/21)


USPS to close Wichita encoding center, 800 impacted - Of the nearly 800 employees, 417 are considered career employees. USPS says they will get other jobs with the postal service either in Wichita or the region. 380 non-career employees will receive counseling to assist them in finding new jobs. (2/20)


PostCom Postal Podcast 02.20.13 - Join PostCom President Gene Del Polito and PostCom Board Chairman Steven Lopez in a discussion of some recent developments concerning the Postal Service and a possible digital services strategy. (2/20)


NPMHU/USPS Interest Arbitration Award is Released -- Sets Terms for 2011 National Agreement - The panel awarded a contract which runs for four and one-half years, from November 21, 2011 through May 20, 2016. (2/19)


Postal Service spending millions to send execs to conference - Scott MacFarlane has learned the agency is spending $2 million to send its top executives to a pricey conference in San Francisco. (2/18)
  Related      Postal Service Defends Pricey Conference as Chance to Boost Revenue


Health insurance: What the Postal Service has in mind - Lest anyone forget, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe remains keenly interested in creating a stand-alone health insurance plan for about 1.1 million U.S. Postal Service employees and retirees. (2/18)


Electronic Communication: Emails Turn From Delight to Deluge - In the not-so-distant past, the chipper AOL sound of "You've got mail!" filled me with giddiness and glee. I would eagerly check my inbox, excited to see what message had arrived. Those days are long gone. Now, when I examine my various email accounts, my main emotion is dread. (2/17)


Senators Challenge Postal Plan to End Saturday Delivery - 24 senators, led by Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, who are challenging the postmaster general's authority to discontinue Saturday mail delivery later this year without congressional approval. (2/15)


Update on the Privatization of the U.S. Post Office - Update on the attempted privatization of the US Post Office. Guest is Portland Oregon retired letter carrier Jamie Partridge. Jamie addresses the fraudulent ongoing corporate spin portraying the Post Office as losing money due to email and the internet. (2/16)


You Should Be Outraged By What Is Being Done to Our Postal Service - Like so many other "crises" imposed on us lately, there is a lot to the story that you are not hearing from the "mainstream" media. (2/14)


GAO has USPS on High Risk List - Amid challenging economic conditions, a changing business environment, and declining mail volumes, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is facing a deteriorating financial situation in which it does not have sufficient revenues to cover its expenses and financial obligations. (2/14)


NALC President Rolando's statement following the PMG's congressional testimony (2/13)


USPS makes case for ending Saturday delivery as postal reform push continues - Lawmakers in the Senate are taking another crack at comprehensive postal reform legislation after efforts last year fizzled. (2/13)


APWU, USPS Reach Agreement on TACS Jobs - The APWU and USPS have reached an agreement regarding management's plan to transfer work currently being performed by more than 330 TACS Clerks in locations across the country to a single location in Eagan, MN. (2/07)


Postal Cuts Are Austerity on Steroids - The austerity agenda that would cut services for working Americans in order to maintain tax breaks for the wealthy—and promote the privatization of public services—has many faces. (2/06)


Time to save the postal service - The list of problems is long. Unless the business model changes, all who use the USPS will feel the impact in the form of higher prices and fewer services. (2/05)


Quote of the Month - March

"Those who would destroy or further limit the rights of organized labor – those who would cripple collective bargaining or prevent organization of the unorganized – do a disservice to the cause of democracy."  John F. Kennedy 

Week of 03/10/13 - 03/16/13
› U.S. Postal Service Added 4,500 Jobs in February
› Viral Video Shows the Shocking Reality of Wealth Inequality in the United States
› Feds retire in droves in January - Upsurge in February retirements causes backlog to balloon
› Say "Hello" to your letter carrier -- while you still can
› ...and more

Week of 03/04/13 - 03/08/13
› Bailout BS: Darrell Issa's Misinformation Campaign about the Postal Retirement Funds
› The National Presidents' Conference of the American Postal Workers Union passed a resolution this weekend
› Staffing Levels Increase... For Management
› Management Out Of Control
› This Day in San Antonio's History

Postal Service Protection Act Gains More Co-Sponsors
House Bill Would Recalculate USPS Payments to FERS
Sequestration Threatens the Postal Service's Bottom Line
House Passes Measure to Keep Six-Day Delivery
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